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Cambodia ICT Awards is the largest national ICT award in Cambodia aiming at recognition achievements, accomplishments, and successes in digital innovation in any sector in Cambodia.

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Cambodia ICT Awards 2020
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Best E-Government Service Of The Year 2020

One Window Service Unit Service Delivery Management Information System (OWSU SDMIS)

  • Ministry of Interior

  • OWSU SDMIS is a modernized way (system) for administrative services’ application and delivery, including payment process and reporting system. After an application is registered, the officials can easily identify and follow up on the process of the application as well as inform the citizens about the result of the application or any late supporting documents.

    Best Social Innovation Technology Of The Year 2020

    DataU - Creating Tomorrow's Data Leaders, Today

  • Mekong Big Data

  • DataU is a Data Science, Data Engineering, and Digital Marketing Academy and Innovation Lab that is creating the Data Leaders of tomorrow for Cambodia. The 1-year training program is fully sponsored by our corporate partners and so students GET PAID to train! After students graduate with the skills needed to be a data professional they have a guaranteed job with their sponsor company. DataU aims to make Phnom Penh a regional center for excellence in the field of data science and engineering and to lift the whole nation through creating a human resource pool of highly talented and highly valuable digital skills population.

    Best Digital Content Of The Year 2020

    Ey Sey Storytime

  • Osja Studio

  • Ey Sey Storytime is the first digital interactive book collection of Cambodian's favorite folktales for kids age 1 to 6 years old. It is created because there is no quality Cambodian digital interactive content available for our new modern generation kids, who are already very familiar with digital devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Ey Sey Storytime is an edutainment (educational and entertaining) app for iOS and Android. It is a digital version of Cambodian’s favorite folktale stories library with over 50 storybooks, which will be added bi-weekly to the app automatically.

    Best Digital R&D Of The Year 2020

    Smart Valve and Smart Pump

  • Smart Farm Assistance

  • Our devices have a function on/off remote the valve and motor pump that affordable for the farmer. Another function is to set the duration for irrigation, the user more convenience to a remote watering system without going to the direct field. The farmer enables us to save time 2 hours to 3 hours base on an interview with the farmer. We have 2 devices one called Smart Pump that can connect to the motor pump and the farmer can remote through mobile phone and another one called Smart Valve that can connect with the valve of the water pipe.

    Best Tech Startup Of The Year 2020

    Sala Enrollment

  • SALA

  • SALA enables universities to connect with students through their online portal, making the administrative task of enrollment easier and less onerous.

    Award Categories

    Nominated software or application to the award must be already in use, except for R&D, which can only be a prototype.

    Best E-Government Service Of The Year

    Products, services, or accomplishments of "state institutions" that use ICT to serve the public and solve problems for citizens.

    Best Digital Innovation Organization Of The Year

    Products, services, or accomplishments of companies/institutions that innovate and use ICT or digital technologies to make their enterprise business become better, faster, and more efficient by bringing new competitive products and services to the market.

    Best Social Innovation Technology Of The Year

    Products, services, or digital accomplishments of private companies or non-government organizations that use ICT to contribute to solve the problems of the public and society.

    Best Digital Content of the Year

    Products, services or digital accomplishments of private companies or non-government organizations that use ICT to produce digital content such as videos, games, audio files, etc. which contribute to solving the problems of the people, the public and the society.

    Best Tech Startup of the Year

    Products, services or accomplishments of a newly established companies less than 3 years from the date of official registration. Tech Startup has to be a company that has made a breakthrough with new ideas using ICT.

    Best Digital R&D Of The Year

    Products, services, or accomplishments of companies or institutions in the field of ICT or digital research and development, such as discovering new formulas, new methods, new rules, and new innovations.

    Event Schedule

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    All applicants' information must be in English.

    February 09, 2020
    Registration Closed

    The Committee will check each applicants' information to select eligible applicants and then submit to the judging panel.

    February 10, 2020

    The judging panel will select the finalists to submit to the final evaluation and selection.

    February 14, 2020
    Final Selection

    The Judges' Meeting to assess and decide the winners is the most accurate, fair, and transparent at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

    August 6, 2020
    Awad Ceremony

    The winners will be announced at the launching of Digital Cambodia 2020

    June 2020
    Attend regional and global competitions

    The Judging Panel Of Cambodia ICT Awards 2020

    It is our honorable gratefulness to our 6 judges.

    Ms. Sonali Dayaratne

    Deputy Resident Representative

    Ms. Yuni Lee Heathcote


    H.E Dr. Chhem Kieth Rethy

    Minister Delegate
    Attached to the Prime Minister

    H.E Dr. Hor Peng

    National University of Management

    Mr. Shin Chang Moo


    Mr. Steven Path

    Founder and CEO


    1. Who can apply for the award?

    Ministries, organizations, local NGOs, private companies, and universities, that are officially registered and licensed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Students can also apply if his or her work is about "Digital R&D"

    2. What are the qualifications to apply?

    The application or service to be submitted must be owned by the company/institution, and developed using at least 51% of resource (human and financial) in Cambodia.

    3. Will information about the applicant be public? ​

    Applicants' names and details are not shown public, only the names of the winners will be published. All candidates' details are kept confidential. Only the committee and judges in charge of the case have the right to see the information to study, evaluate and select the winners. Judges may request additional information from the candidate if necessary.

    4. What are the benefits of this award?

    Winners will be announced at the launching of Digital Cambodia 2020, the largest event in the Kingdom of Cambodia about digital technologies attending by over 3,000 national and international guests. The winners' names will be widely disseminated with the opportunity to participate in other regional and global awards through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

    5. Who are Judges? ​

    Members of the judging panel are appointed from representatives of ministries, institutions, public sector, educational institutions and civil society who have at least 5 years of ICT knowledge and/or related field experience.

    6. What is the evaluation and selection process?

    Each judge will review each candidate's information and then evaluate the selection. Judges have the right to select the winners in accordance with the terms of this national award. The selection of each winner will be based on the overall evaluation results by the judging panel. The judging panel may request a face to face presentation from the candidate if necessary.

    7. What are the evaluation and selection criteria?

    The evaluation and selection criteria are:

    1. A. Tech Innovation

      Innovation is something that comes with a new approach. Bringing innovation into your business can save you time and money and give you a competitive advantage to develop and adapt your business in the market.

    2. B. Problem Solving

      Refers to new discoveries using digital technology to solve specific problems more effectively than ever before, saving time, money and other resources.

    3. C. Efficiency of Operation ​

      The ability of an enterprise, company or institution to deliver products or services to its customers effectively, at the least cost possible and still ensure the highest quality of products, services, and support.

    4. D. Marketing Strategy

      Any activity that a company or business does to attract customers and to establish a good connection with them, with the aim of linking products and services with customers in order to earn their income and interest.