Cambodia ICT Awards, called CICTA (see - ta), is the largest national ICT awards in the Kingdom of Cambodia organized by National Institute of Posts, Telecoms and ICT supported by Ministry Posts and Telecommunications with four main objectives:

  1. 1. Recognition
  2. To provide national recognition for the achievements, innovations, and successes of digital innovation in ICT sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  3. 2. Motivation
  4. To motivate innovative uses of digital or ICT at all ministries, local private companies, startups, social enterprises, NGOs, and other relevant institutions. ​

  5. 3. Promotion
  6. To raise digital awareness and ICT in the public, and bridge the digital gap in the business community, between people living in the provinces and cities, contributing to the development of ICT in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  7. 4. Opportunity
  8. To give people the opportunity to showcase their achievements in ICT and investment opportunities to become the representative of the Kingdom of Cambodia in regional and global ICT awards.

Since 2015, 120 nominees have registered and 31 have won awards.​

The Winner In


Best E-Government Service Of The Year

  • Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
  • Best Digital Innovation Organization of the year

  • Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank
  • Best Tech Startup of the year

  • Muuve
  • Best Social Innovation Organization Of The Year

    Tesdopi តេស្ត១២
  • Edemy
  • Best Digital R&D Of The Year

  • Demine Robotic
  • 2018

    1st Prize and Best Private Sector Of The Year

    Morokot VB (Core Banking System)
  • Morokot Technology
  • 2nd Prize and Best Digital Content of the Year

    Soyo (Cambodia)
  • Sabay Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • 3rd Prize and Best Tech Startup of the year

  • PCG & Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Best Public Sector Of The Year

    Cambodia Driving Rules
  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Best Private Sector Of The Year

    Open Data Develops Business Opportunities in Cambodia
  • Open Development Cambodia (ODC)
  • 2017

    1st Prize

  • DirexPlay
  • 2nd Prize

    Bong Pheak
  • Open Institute
  • 3rd Prize

    Car Registration Automation
  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • 2016

    1st Prize

  • Camtasia Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2nd Prize

    Smart Pay
  • Smart Axiata
  • 3rd Prize

  • Action IEC
  • 2015

    1st Prize

    Business Registration Processing System
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • 2nd Prize

    Smart Keyboard
  • Alien Dev
  • 3rd Prize

    Learn Kor Ka
  • CamAnt