What is CICTA?

CICTA is a prestigious award dedicated to the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

A benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity and offering business and funding opportunities.

Bring Cambodian companies to the next level by participating in Regional and International Awards (ASEAN ICT Awards)

In-line with Cambodia ICT Master Plan 2020: “Promote innovation in ICT industry in Cambodia”

Winner in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015



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Event Schedule



14 January

Start Registration

22 February

Close Registration

01 March

Semi Final Selection

07 March

Final Selection

15 March

Award Ceremony


Sending the Champions to
ASEAN ICT Award and
ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award





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Who should attend?

The Company Eligibility guideline describes the criteria and attributes for company eligibility to submit their entry nomination for CICTA competition.

The company who is eligible to nominate their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovation must meet the following criteria:

  1. The company must be locally registered in Cambodia.

  2. The company can be 100% local company.

For joint ventures between a local company and foreign company, the foreign company in the joint venture can be either a company registered in Cambodia or a company registered outside Cambodia whereby the shareholder/s within Cambodia must hold at least 51% of the total shares.

The Product Eligibility guideline describes the criteria and attributes for product entry eligibility to be nominated as an entry to CICTA competition.

The eligible product for CICTA entry nomination must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Intellectual Property Rights for the product must be owned by the company who is eligible to nominate according the Company Eligibility guideline or its Intellectual Property Rights are owned by an offshore parent of the local company where the majority of the shares are in the local company.

  2. At least 51% of product development efforts including research and development (R&D), and design must be done within Cambodia submitting the application.

The following are non-eligible innovations for entry nomination:

  1. A product, of which the main R&D and design efforts are executed outside Cambodia, or of which Cambodia is merely providing code-cutting services.

  2. An innovation and product, of which in one (1) year period before the current CICTA competition has won an CICTA Award with or without product enhancement.

Each company can only nominate a maximum of one product per entry category.

Each company or individual must ensure to meet the above criteria and attributes during the selection when submitting their product entry nomination to CICTA competition.

Violation to the above mentioned criteria and attributes will result in product entry disqualification.




Judging Process

  • 1


    Company/Institution are required to submit their registration forms, video presentations, and any other supporting documents (pamphlet and / or brochure) before the deadline of registration. The registration has to be filled online only on the website of Cambodia ICT Awards.

  • 2

    Shortlist Selection

    All candidate information is thoroughly reviewed, verified with eligible criteria. Qualified candidates are shortlisted to submit to judging panel to evaluate and select at the final round.

  • 3

    Final Selection

    Independent judging panel will evaluate your product and the winner will be announced on 15th March 2019 during the opening ceremony of Digital Cambodia 2019 at Koh Pich Convention Center presided over by Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Aun Pornmoniroth.

Not all candidates are disclosed as public. Only the winner will be announced.



General Judging Criteria

1. Innovation

2. Problem Solving

3. Effeciency of operation

4. Marketing Strategy



Roles and Responsibility for Judging

• Each participant is to come up with a video presentation of 5 minutes maximum.
• Completed video presentation and registration form will have to submit online by the close registration date whereby the judges will do their own screening and determine which participants are qualified to enter the CICTA competition.

• Each judge is required to fill in the Judges Registration form and the Judges Declaration form.
•The judging score sheet and judging guideline will be emailed to each respective judge.
• Final selection will take place on 7th Mar 2019, this will be carried by a series of appointed judges from various organizations.







Any inquiries or clarifications relating to CICTA shall be contacted by phone and/or email to the following details below:

Phone : 016 86 89 84, 069 657 007, 012 316 781


Facebook :Cambodiaictawards